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At ISHCMC, we inspire wellbeing and learning so that our diverse, internationally-minded community flourish as energized, engaged and empowered learners.

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A holistic education focusing on more than the academic needs of your child.

A diverse & inclusive community of over 55 different nationalities.

Providing a safe environment that promotes the wellbeing of your child.

Our commitment to your child

The wellbeing of our students and community comes first.

The physical, emotional and mental wellbeing of all our community members including students, parents, educators and support staff.

Our academic programs and learning engagements are continuous.

Ensuring the growth of knowledge, conceptual understandings, skills and attitudes through quality learning engagements.

Our modern and physical infrastructure provides our students a platform to showcase their personal interests.

Enhancing operations, infrastructure and the physical environment to reflect our value of sustainability

“ISHCMC has been the place of personal growth and self-discovery. Teachers focus on wellbeing at ISHCMC, which is something I wasn’t familiar with before. The open communication channels and relationships they build with students allows for trust, which is reciprocated.”

- Silvia Familiari

With over 15 years at ISHCMC, Geevan has a lifetime of stories to share about a school he describes as, “Diverse, safe and modern".

- Geevan Bacus

Meet our learners and get a sneak peak at what life will be like at ISHCMC

With over 25 years experience, we are the first international school in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam to offer the full IB Programme

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